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2nd and 3rd Liebster Award!

I am so BLESSED when I checked my AIMazing Grace site (this is my FIRST ever website built using wordpress, it’s just 21 days old as of today in the internet) and someone just NOMINATED me for Liebster Award for the FIRST TIME! My very first reaction was “WoW! Is this really true LORD?” I’ve been checking around some other wordpress inspired sites and I mostly seen the “Liebster Award” Logo, I also following most of those sites. From that moment, I also challenge myself “soon I will also put those logo in my own website for HIS Glory”. :)

I would like to express my HEARTFELT GRATITUDE to my bro from another mother and from another continent Mr. Ndumiso, musicsmellslikenoise. THANK YOU VERY MUCH BRO, you are such a BLESSING TO OTHERS! Continue to TOUCH LIVES, INSPIRE a lot of people around the world! GOD BLESS! :)

Liebster Award Logo


  1. Use the picture.
  2. Answer the questions.
  3. Nominate 10 blogs.
  4. Ask the same questions.

The questions:

Which literary genre do you prefer?

>> Honestly, It’s too early for me to decide what literary genre I prefer this time! ‘Coz, I was not yet finished exploring them all. Can  I ask need more time to explore to other literary genres.  I think, I’d like to prefer the hybrid genre where all genres are mixed up! Heheh :)

Which book you know and love?

>> I’m not that really fan of reading books, (heheh) until the time that I decided to switch my career from being an I.T. Professional to become an Entrepreneur. There’s no other specific book I know and love except my LIFE’s Manual.

Which book you’re passionate about now?

>> My Life’s Manual, BIBLE! I’m really passionate about this book, some of the literary genres are also found in this book. Not that thick but everyday there’s something new, even over the years of reading it I can always found something new. In fact I share some verses in my AIMazing Grace site:)

Why did you start blogging?

>> Just to be honest, my wordpress account was created year 2011, yet I was not able to decide that time how I’m gonna start my site from scratch, until just this month, November 2015. I challenge myself to really create one, blog that will glorify HIMtouch more lives, inspire more individual, uplift, encourage, calling out more people to come out from their shells  and also for being an I.T. graduate, ‘coz even people who are not really into computers or we say not that computer savvy, have created there own blogs that inspired other people’s lives. 

I also decided to start blogging ‘coz I wanted to share what I have to others, what I’ve learned, what I’m good at, even what I’m currently discovering right now. It’s not something that I need to keep to myself but rather, share to others. :)

Order or chaos?

>> Can I choose both? We cannot appreciate order if there is no chaos, we cannot also appreciate chaos without order. :)

Where would you like to live?

>> Caribbean Island, where I own the whole island, all the bloggers are welcome to relax, enjoy, meditate, meet other bloggers, writers, entrepreneurs. Inspired by Mr. Richard Branson!

Starry sky or sunset?

>> I’ve been thinking of a STARRY SKY on a SUNSET! :)

Better the paper book, rather than the ebook?

>> YES! Its better to have the paper book! I can bring it anywhere I go, even into to remote places that Internet is not readily available! :)

What is the writing for you? Do you see it as a hobby or hoping for a future as a writer?

>> Writing is FREEDOM, where I can freely extract my thoughts, gather them together and put it into paper, blog or anywhere I’d like to. :)

What do you think about social networks?

>> Social Networks is the new WORD OF MOUTH, that in our generation today, it becomes the WORLD OF MOUTH!”


And The Liebster Award goes to:

musicsmellslikenoise (Can I nominate back the one that nominated me?)


C.M. Blackwood




Be Inspired..!!

Fit Is a Feminist Issue


The Seeds 4 Life

For HIS Glory,
AIMazing Grace


12 thoughts on “2nd and 3rd Liebster Award!”

  1. Thank you for including me in the nomination Francis, sorry if it took me time to acknowledge it. I will definitely answer this together with those who are like you nominated me and are wonderful person and blogger. I loved your answers and same as you the Bible is my manual and I thought of you being right in having the paperback specially on those places where there is no electricity. God bless to you my friend. :)

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