AmaZZZZZingly BEE-autiful experience with the BEES!


Address: Balagtasin, San Jose, Batangas

Thanks to my sister Nikki for booking an appointment to Milea Bee Farm!

Milea Bee Farm is not a typical bee farm you will ever experience. They have a superb and very relaxing place, healthy foods and they have also an “all organic products” with honey for BEE-sitors. Mr. Rico Omoyon (owner of the bee farm) and his staffs are very accommodating and he has an extensive knowledge about the bees, plants, flowers, pollination, honey, etc. Kudos!

After our Milea Bee Farm visit, I’ve learned, refreshed and being enlightened about a lot of things like, the different types of bees, the importance of bees in Mother Nature and in the ecosystem, importance of bee pollination, how to distinguish the real honey from the fake one.

Milea Bee Farm

Milea Bee Farm is a place YOU MUST visit when in Batangas! :)

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