Update: AIM World 24/7 Customer Care

AIM WORLD 24/7 Customer Care is now open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your questions!

AIM World 24/7 Customer Care


>> Be part of AIM WORLD, TODAY!
>> AIM World New Product Policy (NPP)


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16 thoughts on “Update: AIM World 24/7 Customer Care”

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  2. Goodmorning sir and madam my concern po ako sa pag sign ng ng R2me System nasundan ko po naman steps pero nang i open ko Log in incorrect username at incorrect password. hindi po mabuksan at d p nggalaw angakin activaton code ang desired Username ko po Qkmevelynreyes.ang user id ko sa Lr760688 aim username ko Ghievelynreyes. Eto po ang email address EvelynEdrosolanReyes@1177.com.I hoping n malutas ang ganitong problem at mabilis ang aksyon.


  3. Hello po good morning,update ko lng po sana r2me q,hindi po kasi aqo mkapag registerd till now po,paano ba?if mag register aq aim username is in used ang result niya,


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