The Beauty of Consistency and Perseverance

A survivor of “Viral Rasmussen Encephalitis” also known as chronic focal encephalitis (CFE), is a rare inflammatory neurological disease, characterized by frequent and severe seizures, loss of motor skills and speech, hemiparesis (paralysis on one side of the body), encephalitis (inflammation of the brain), and dementia.

Ivy Fajardo declares that, “Through the power of Alive (c24/7), I regain strength. It did not happen all at once, but the process is slowly but surely. Given this opportunity let us not think twice no more, we are confident and salute the capability of the doctors that invented this herbal medicine. Remember health is wealth! It is one of God’s precious blessings to us. Health is not simply the absence of sickness; it is the wholeness of our well-being.”

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