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The Fruits of our Resources

Lorna Macarayan of Bohol, a former OFW for almost five years. Started the business as part-time due to financial need to save money. After two years of being productively online in Facebook doing the business, she was able to save money. She was then able to buy a brand new Toyota Vios 2015 model.

Keep being productive and you will see the fruits of your labor!

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Dream Big and Work For It

Jeffrey Javier an OFW from Saudi Arabia, joined the AIM Global business for extra income due to financial scarcity even with the working compensation he received. Because of his determination and belief that through AIM Global his life will change for the better. He founded the AGBIAG team that visions helping out to others. His first earnings, he sponsored an outreach program at La Union. Until such time, he can’t stop the overflowing blessings anymore, he was able to extend up to 6 countries through the help of his power leaders. He now can support his parents well enough and he was able to buy a brand new Mitsubishi Montero Car.

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