How to JOIN the business?

My friend, thank you for showing great interest on our GLOBAL BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY! :) It is a great pleasure to share to you this wonderful and amazing opportunity that turn ordinary people into extraordinary Millionaires around the world. 

Step 1 - Opportunity Plan Presentation

Beforehand, let us introduce how legitimate and credible is our company. Prearranged are the details when our company was established, how long was it time-honored, who are the brilliant minds behind this opportunity and what were our awards and recognition.


Watch this short video to know more about the AIM Global Company.


Watch this 11-Minute Full Opportunity Plan Presentation (English Version)

NOTE: Shipping fee charges will vary depending on the courier rate.

Step 2 - Product Presentation

Be certain to know the World-Class Products being distributed by Alliance in Motion Global, Inc. (AIM GLOBAL) in partnership with the World’s Leading Manufacturer of Nutritional Supplements.

Step 3 - Maximize Income
Dare to MAXIMIZE your AIM GLOBAL Income. BUY 7 Global Packages! Kindly watch theLIFE CHANGING video presentation to learn more about the ADVANTAGES of havingMULTIPLE ACCOUNTS.

Step 4 - Global Package Choices

Global Package Choices

Each global package has a variety of World-Class Products to decide on upon purchase. Choose your finest preference and take delight in selecting your desired Global Package.

Based on your location, you can check the global package available (Philippines & International Branches).

Step 5 - Become a Global Distributor

You have made the BEST and RIGHT DECISION to become part of Alliance in Motion Global, Inc. (AIM GLOBAL)Happy Networking! Happy Changing Lives!

Join Us in AIM Global

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